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Free cricket betting tips provided daily by verified tipsters whose aim is to help you make the most of your betting. Using our cricket tips will boost your betting and sports knowledge, and it will significantly increase the chance of achieving long term profit. The quality of the cricket betting tips is extremely important this is way all tips published are verified by our advanced and automated system.

Cricket betting tips intro

Undoubtedly, the second most popular sport across the world - cricket, continues to gain more popularity day by day. Cricket betting allows punters to enjoy 365 days a year betting opportunities, which they try to convert into winnings through various betting strategies. An essential part of the successful cricket betting are the possibilities for a bet provided through cricket betting tips. They are very accessible, extremely knowledgeable, and bring dozens of chances for enhancing punters' betting bankroll.

Originally, cricket’s history began in the late 16th century in England, and in the 18th-century cricket became the country's national sport. International matches have been played since 1844 when Test Cricket entered the cricket world. Cricket retains its original rules and nowadays it is still played by 11 players of each side, a bat, a ball, and two sets of stumps. However, the sport’s popularity brings huge sponsorship contracts, which have changed some traditional factors such as equipment, stadium names, league names, etc, which now include huge sponsor logos. Cricket is played all around the world, but most popular places for that exciting game are England, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Holding the attention of such huge countries means that unquestionably the demand and supply of cricket betting tips is really immense. Many professional tipsters whose main goal is to help their followers to beat the bookies took the decision to redirect all of their attention to cricket because this sport needs dedication, and provides endless opportunities for value bets both pre-game and in-play.

The pre-game cricket betting tips are available before the games, and they allow you to place your bets calmly and then enjoy watching the exciting match. However, if you miss the pre-game betting tips, you still can take advantage of in-play suggestions because many tipsters and punters are looking into that type of betting. It includes high in-play odds, various markets, and many chances for great winnings.

Today's cricket betting tips are not limited to only daily suggestions, and the tipsters also focus on long-term opportunities such as tournaments' winners, players' performance during a particular future event, or the highest opening partnership. While the short predictions are based on the tipster's feelings or teams' latest updates, the long-term tips provide detailed analysis and statistical models that predict the game's outcome.

Why using cricket betting tips is advantageous?

Cricket betting tips are widespread on the internet, and many punters are taking advantage of them every day. Still, there is one part of cautious punters who aren't sure about the advantages that cricket betting tips provide. In order to give you a better point of view, we've made some efforts to explain why many punters choose to use tipsters and their betting suggestions, and why doing that is the right approach.

Advantages of following cricket betting tips:

  1. Valuable information - If you are a casual punter who mainly focuses on football, for example, there are no restrictions to place cricket bets even if you are not familiar with the sport's details. All you need to do is to find verified tipsters who could give you their valuable suggestions. Cricket betting tips will give you the needed information because the tipsters who post them are following the sport closely and they are well-aware of every team's statistics, players' current form, tournaments' details, etc.
  1. Time - Successful betting is not just about placing random bets. Betting requires many efforts to find which selections will give you the opportunity to win. Those efforts are really time-consuming because they include many types of research for teams' details, understanding the in-depths of cricket, players’ capabilities, and others. If you decide to take advantage of cricket betting tips, you significantly decrease that time.
  1. Available bookmakers' offers - The tipsters aren't just a source of information for a particular game's outcome. They often add to the description of their cricket betting tips useful information for the available bookmakers' offers with which you can place the suggested tips. Keep in mind that the bookmakers provide dozens of generous welcome offers and bonuses, especially for the biggest events such as The Ashes, T20 World Cup, or Indian Premier League.
  1. In-play opportunities - Cricket is known to be the longest playing game around the world because a particular cricket event can be played up to 5 days from its beginning. That long duration and high in-play betting odds attract many tipsters and punters to concentrate on in-play betting. In most of the cases, the tipsters who provide in-play suggestions are watching or attending the games directly, and are able to add a lot of value to your betting by ready-to-use information. That's why make sure to enable your device notifications in order to receive any valuable in-play suggestion.
  1. High odds – Most of the tipsters that focus on cricket use odds comparison for their suggestions in order to provide their followers with high odds for various markets. Placing your bets with high odds allows you to receive much more betting profits than betting with regular odd. One of the golden betting rules says that highest odds = highest possible winnings.

Common mistakes while using cricket betting tips!

Cricket betting tips are a useful help to get the best out of the bookies, and they can be used by both newbies or experienced punters. Even the experienced ones make some mistakes that easily could be bypassed. We want to list those mistakes in order to help you to avoid them while you are placing your bets.

  1. Emotions - Regardless of the quality of the received cricket betting tips, we advise you always to consider at least twice whether you can afford the money that you intend to bet. This double-check will keep you away from any emotional decisions and will secure that you are enjoying the betting in the normal limits. One more hint, if you are in a losing streak situation, don't start chasing your losses immediately because you risk making the things worse. Just wait a bit, calm down, and make sure that you are taking wise betting decisions.
  1. Using scammers - Unfortunately, many people are trying to get your money, claiming that they are able to provide you with cricket betting tips with 100% certain outcome. Honestly, cricket betting tips don't guarantee you any profits, even more, there is nothing like 100% sure profit in betting. Every punter involved in the betting should be aware of the fact that a valuable suggestion could increase the chances for profits quite a lot, but can't guarantee you any sure winnings.
  1. Skipping the step to track your historical results - If you skip tracking your results, you are missing one of the most beneficial parts of betting. Using an automated bet tracker will allow you to examine in details tipsters' performance, optimise your staking plan strategy, and control your betting entirely. The received cricket betting tips could become much more successful if you start analysing them with the right betting tools. Furthermore, you can add more value to your betting through various free bet calculators, which will give you the answer how much are your possible winnings or whether it is advantageous to place the bets or not.
  1. Sticking only to a few bookmakers - This mistake is commonly seen in regular punters daily betting activities. We have to admit that everyone keeps his/her favourite bookie close and uses it from years. Actually,this is not the best practise because only 1 or 2 bookmakers' accounts limit your betting activities. For example, if you pay a fee for valuable cricket betting tips, but you use only 1 bookmaker, you will be obliged to place the bets with that bookie without matter the odds that it provides. This is not the case if you decide to open in advance more bookmakers' accounts because you will be able to compare the odds and choose the highest ones, which will cover much faster the expenses for paid tips. Furthermore, if you open for example 10 accounts with bookmakers, you will be able to place your bets firstly with each welcome offer, and then with the frequent cricket special offers that the bookmakers provide.

What type of cricket betting tips can I find on site?’ Betting Tips area is a place developed to satisfy both tipsters and punters. If you are a punter who loves to benefit from free cricket betting tips, you will be surprised how many worthy free suggestions are available on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you are a professional tipster who wants to receive payment for his/her valuable cricket betting suggestions, you can raise your popularity and you can find a massive community of followers in the area. Keep in mind that all paid tipsters are going through additional verification in order to clarify that their suggestions are real, relevant, and are able to help the punters to take an edge over the bookies.

If you decide to use our Betting tips area, you can take advantage of different cricket betting tips, but the most popular markets are:

Match/Series Result

Top Runscorer

Top Wicket Taker

Total Runs

Man Of The Match

Innings Runs

Top Bowler

Over/Under score

Top Batsman

Toss combination and many others

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