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Daily eSports betting tips which will optimise your betting results. Betting on eSports is becoming more popular nowadays with hundreds of games being played everyday. The best way to place winning bets is to have the right knowledge in place, but that requires a lot of time and efforts. Our free eSports tips is all you need to save time and win more often.

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Furthermore, we have our community generated tips, our betting experts have previewed various games. All the previews are written from our betting analysts who are having combined experience of over 25 years. Read our game previews, find in-depth game information, betting tips and ideas for profitable bets.

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19th Jan 16:30

Evil Geniuses


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Astralis vs Evil Geniuses Betting Preview - BLAST Global Finals

CS:GO is back on the menu after a month long break. The first game of BLAST Global Finals sees the best team in the world, Astralis, take on the big disappointment of 2020, EG. Our predictions and betting tip in the article!

Author: Janne Kouva

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Esports betting tips intro

The growth that the Esports industry achieved recently can't go unnoticed, and indisputably, its popularity raises on a daily basis. The punters' daily activities are filled with dozens of sports events, but Esports betting attracts them with another level of entertainment. Following that, the searches for Esports betting opportunities and Esports betting tips are rapidly increasing because many casual punters are looking to enter into the Esports sports betting.

Generally, Esports is a video gaming that can be played by professional players, and includes both teams and individuals. Esports games and tournaments are accessible for fans via various video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Esports' huge tournaments are gaining popularity all over the world and are becoming punters' favourite thanks to the exciting games and many bookmakers' options for a winning bet. Additionally, many of the tipsters who are up-to-date with the latest betting trends are trying to provide their followers with worthy Esports betting tips. Usually, the demand for Esports betting tips is getting much bigger when the regular sports are in a break, however nowadays more and more verified tipsters entirely refocus on Esports with one major aim - to provide more frequent and accurate betting suggestions for games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota2, etc.

Esports betting tips are an excellent opportunity for value betting because Esports’ tipsters are very familiar with the sport, the rules, and perfectly foresee when a particular team/player/event has good chances to win.

Why using Esports betting tips is advantageous?

With expected over 300 million regular viewers by 2022, Esports breaks substantially into the sports betting industry. The potential of the relatively new market is trully impressive, and the bookmakers give more and more betting opportunities for their customers. That's why many punters are using esports betting tips in order to beat the bookies. If you are wondering why esports betting tips are so widespread, here is our opinion based on our long betting experience:

Advantages of following Esports betting tips:

  1. Researches - There are thousands of esports teams and players, and if you are looking to turn your regular esports' bets into winnings, you have to make extra efforts for additional researches in order to know the esports depths. If you decide to skip that time-consuming part and take advantage of esports betting tips, you will be able to place your esports bets using the efforts of someone else. In addition, this action will save you tons of time, which you can spend on finding the best bookmakers' odds for your esports betting activities.
  1. Various betting markets - While the majority of the punters are very well-aware of the traditional betting markets, esports' world provides completely new and different betting options such as Skin betting, First blood, Team to destroy the first tower, and many others. If you give a try to a tipster who focuses on Esports and his/her Esports betting tips, your betting will diversify, and you will be able to advantage of many new markets with high odds.
  1. Bookmakers’ bonuses - The bookmakers are very up-to-date with the latest betting trends and provide a wide variety of esports bookmakers’ offers and special bonuses for their customers. That's why if you wish to place the received esports betting tips with bookmakers' money, you won't face an issue to do that. A big number of boosted odds, promotions, and others are available every single day on the bookmakers’ websites, and each punter should consider using them instead of placing bets with own funds.
  1. Extra Betting Knowledge - The tipsters who focus on Esports are usually on the ball, and they are very video gaming-oriented. They follow particular teams and players, or even tournaments for a long time and their esports betting tips include numerous valuable details. The tipsters are a great channel of information, and for example, if you wish to place a bet on FIFA eWorld Cup, but you are not sure which team is the favourite, you can understand that via esports betting tips at the drop of a hat.
  1. In-play betting - Esports' games typically last between 15 and 60 minutes. That time is enough for you if you wish to place in-play bets. Many of the tipsters who post esports betting tips are watching the games live via various streaming platforms, and often they send valuable in-play suggestions during the games. That's why we advise you to put on your notifications and check them frequently, in order to ensure that you won’t miss something worthy.

Common mistakes while using esports betting tips!

While enjoying esports betting tips, many punters make some small mistakes that can easily be bypassed. Even if you are an experienced punter, step away from those issues in order to make your betting more successful and of course, more beneficial. Here are some common errors that avoiding which will help you to use the received esports betting tips more precisely.

  1. Not tracking your betting - We strongly advise you to track all of your betting activities. Whether this is the received esports betting tips, your bankroll, or the tipsters' performance, this is a fundamental element of success in sports betting. The automated free betting tools will give you the picture of the whole betting process and will help you to put under control all parts of your activities. This step will ultimately help you to make more informed and wiser betting decisions.
  1. Not using multiple bookmakers accounts - Often many punters are placing their sports bets into only 1 or 2 bookmakers and limit their options if an issue arises. If for example, the tipster that you follow from a while sends you valuable in-play esports betting tips from a low-level tournament, which your bookmaker doesn’t cover, you have to look for a way to react immediately in order to place the received tips. If you don't want to bother yourself with such a situation, we advise you to open at least 10 bookmakers’ accounts in advance, as that will ensure you to be able to control such an issue. Using multiple accounts will also allow you to compare which bookie provides the highest odds for your esports betting tips, which will make your betting more beneficial. Furthermore, the bookmakers regularly supply their existing customers with generous special offers, which are an excellent option for boosting the punters' betting bankroll.
  1. Using unverified tipsters - This common mistake occurs because of punters' desire to win more frequently. We guarantee you that using unverified tipsters will only reflect negatively both on your betting and your wallet. Even if a particular scammer promises you unbelievable wins through his/her esports betting tips, because he/she knows the results in advance, don't put a penny on that. Yes, the latest rumours for investigations about many esports players who are fixing the games, may make you to believe that someone could send you that type of information, but let's be honest, no one will do it on the internet for £20. Keep in mind that fixed matches and betting on them is illegal too. It would be much more beneficial for you if you start searching for betting tips suggested by professional esports experts who will help you to win in the long term.
  1. Taking emotional decisions - Believe it or not, many punters' huge losses are coming after deciding to place a bet under some emotions. Our long betting experience showed us the fact that any feelings, no matter positive or negative, should be left away when you are focusing on betting. Even more, some punters' who receive esports betting tips with high quality from a proven tipster are getting overpowered and place their bets with stakes that they cannot afford. Don't forget that the betting tips can't guarantee you winnings, and as we have repeated numerous times, please remember to always bet with money that you can afford to lose.

What type of esports betting tips can I find on site?

In order to help both tipsters and punters with their betting activities, we’ve developed a special Betting tips area, which is a great source that includes many reliable esports betting tips. Our major goal is to connect both sides in order to make the betting industry profitable not only for the bookmakers. In our Betting tips area, you will be able to enjoy both free and paid tips on a daily basis - so the choice what to use is yours. Keep in mind that in order to provide you with transparent services and valuable betting tips, each tipster who decides to send paid tips is going into additional verifications.

Once you decide to use esports betting tips, on our Betting tips area, you will find different types such as:

Match winner

First blood

First Team to get ten kills

Most kills

Team to destroy the first tower

Total kills scored

Team to kill the first dragon

Skin betting and many others

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