Horse Racing Betting Tips for Today’s Events

If you like betting on horses, our free horse racing tips will definitely help you improve you results. The horse racing tips are provided by our knowledgeable tipsters that know everything about the game, horses and where to find value. As with all other betting tips on the site the horse racing tips are automatically checked by our system prior being posted on the site, ensuring high quality and accurate odds.

Horse racing betting tips intro

Horse racing is gaining massive popularity nowadays, and its action gathers many new fans every day both on the racecourses and in front of the TV. Even those who have never watched a single race are impressed by the endless opportunities for a great enjoyment or an excellent betting win. Horse racing is the second favourite sport in the UK right after football, and this industry brings around £4 billions for the country's economy thanks to its huge tournaments that take place every season and are watched by millions.

Horse racing is also widespread in Ireland, South Africa, and Australia, and now this sport is making a massive entry in countries like Japan, France, United Arab Emirates, and others. The bookmakers' ambition is to provide a wide variety of horse racing offers, and the reason is straightforward - this sport attracts huge groups of punters on their websites. Secured with plenty of horse racing offers, races, betting odds, and markets, often the punters are looking for help in order to take an edge over the bookies. That's why the horse racing betting tips became a vital part of punters' daily routine. Usually, the majority of punters are looking to take a punt on their favourite horse, or on the most-backed jockey, and they do it on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, those who are glancing to make their horse racing betting journey exceptional are taking advantage on a daily basis of tipsters' opinion, betting tips, and strategies. The comprehensive details, in-depth statistics, analysis, and profitable opportunities are the reasons why many punters wish to follow verified horse racing tipsters. Besides, the horse racing betting tips give a chance for time-saving in our busy daily routine, and using them means that you can focus on your personal duties while you are still backing your favourite horses. Last but not least it is important to put your hands on as much as possible information and certainly using horse racing tips allows you to do so.

Why using horse racing tips is advantageous?

Perhaps horse racing is one of those betting sports where punters have tried different strategies, combinations, and approaches to gain an edge over the bookies. Despite the fact that the internet is massively flooded with information about horse racing, books, and stories which explain how to be successful, you have to pay attention to your sources of information.

Our first advice before starting placing your horse racing bets is to extend your knowledge by reading horse racing betting guides, useful articles, and in-depth statistics. Then you will be ready to recognise which information is valuable for you, and for example if you decide to place a bet based on a tipster or analyst opinion you won't have difficulties to know whether he/she would be helpful or not.

Honestly, in order to make their betting successful, many punters take the opportunity to follow horse racing betting tips. There are a few common reasons why this action is valuable. Additionally, we gathered the typical problems that the punters face when following horse racing tips.

Firstly we want to take your focus on the valuable part of following horse racing betting tips.

  1. Time - We know that many punters are experiencing issues with time. It is not an easy task to focus on dozens of news, articles, and stats, and to pick the winners. That's why using horse racing betting tips will save you precious time, while still enabling you to place your favourite horse racing bets.
  1. Ideas - Believe it or not, even the most experienced punters have a lack of reliable ideas for their betting now and then. Here comes the betting tips' place. If you ever have some issues with the choice of your horses, you can always trust to some verified tipster, who will do the hard picking for you. Once you've found your reliable source of information, you just have to follow the horse racing tips and place the received bet, then enjoy the races.
  1. A gold mine of information - The reliable tipsters publish their horse racing betting tips after huge research, risk-analyses, and comparing all sort of odds in order to select the highest possible odds. Furthermore, the tipsters who focus on horse racing tips are often very familiar with the sport. They know many facts about the horses, the racecourses, the jockeys, and the coaches. Even more, some of them attend the live races and post their suggestions with information that not anyone could find on the internet, directly from the arena. That's why the solid background is a pretty important factor if you are wondering which tipster to choose.
  1. Foreign countries - If you are focused on the horse races in your country, let's say the UK, and you know many facts about the country' races, the things are not the same in other countries. For example, the United Arab Emirates - there the terrains are different, the horses are running on different style, and the jockeys' approach is another. Remember the diversification is the one of the fundamentals in being profitable in the long run! Here is why if you want to bring your betting to another level and to make significant winnings in various countries. The best way is to trust a local tipster who is very familiar with the particular country's conditions provides and provides reliable horse racing.
  1. Various betting markets - If you are a punter that enjoys regular horse racing bets and mostly place straight winners or each way, you have to be aware of that some of the horse betting tips are coming with various betting markets such as Forecast, Tricast, distance special, and others. Furthermore, the accumulator tips such as Lucky 31, Lucky 15, Patent bet, Heinz bet, and others could be much more profitable than the regular Each way. In order to ensure that everything is accurate, when placing horse racing tips use free bet calculators, which help them to provide worthy betting tips.

Common mistakes while using horse racing tips!

From our personal betting experience, we know how easy it is to cross the borders between betting for enjoyment and betting based on emotions. Even if you are following horse racing tips for your betting, you have to follow a few steps in order to protect yourself of thoughtless moves.

  1. Not tracking your bets - if you are betting on more than a few horse racing tips tracking their progress is not a piece of cake, especially when you use multiple bookmakers. Ensure you stay on the top of your betting by tracking your horse racing bets regularly. That will allow you to easily analyse your historical betting tips and optimise your betting strategy, which will likely results in better profits from your horse racing tips.
  1. Not using bookmakers' offers - If you are placing each of your bets without using a bookmakers' bonus, free bets or other promotions, you risk to lose your own money. If you are unsure about the horse racing tips you will bet on making the most of the daily horse racing bonuses, free bets, etc. provided by the bookmakers and risk the money.
  1. Fixed Races - We are sure that many of you who are interested in horse betting tips have been offered games with fixed outcome. Yes, it does have some sort of a logic to believe that it is easier to fix a horse racing event in comparison to a football match. However, we advise you to always stay away from dodgy tipsters promising you fast money. Remember if it is too good to be true stay way of it!
  1. Emotions - If you are betting on your horse racing tips with emotions, you are risking make unwise decisions. If you are having any issues and you can't be focused on your betting, step aside, and wait a little bit. Then think again and then place the wished bets. Furthermore, always place your bets with money that you can afford even if you are 100% sure of the quality of the received betting tips.
  1. Not placing a bet with the highest possible odds - This is a very common mistake, because many punters receive horse racing tips and place their bets with the odds provided by their bookie, which are often just regular or below the advised. If you want to have maximum winnings, our advice is always to search for the highest possible odds.

What type of horse racing betting tips can I find on site?

If you decide to take a horse racing punt and you have the intention to take advantage of betting tips,' Betting Tips area is the perfect place for you. You are able to find dozens of verified horse racing betting tips with various markets, both free and paid.

We strongly advise you to check out the historical stats that each tipster possesses in order to recognise whether he/she is good in the horse racing betting field.

Furthermore, the tipsters who post their paid suggestions on are fully verified and undergo additional checks before being allowed to make paid suggestions.

However, once you decide to take a look at our betting tips area, you can find horse racing markets such as:


To be placed

Each way



Distance specials

In addition, our tipsters provide various horse racing accumulator tips such as:

Lucky 31

Lucky 15

Patent bet

Heinz bet

Canadian bet

Yankee bet

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