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 Hammersmith Extension – an architectural life extension


Key Facts

  • Sector: Residential
  • Type: Extension and Refurbishment
  • Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
  • Scope: Design and Build
  • Construction date: July 2013
  • Contractors: KROOS
  • Structural engineers: KROOS

    The Challenge:

    The clients are younger city professionals who have a rental property and would like it renovated to lease it to high-end tenants for increased income with minimal expenditure. Whilst improved rental value was their primary objective, they also personally desired an open and modern-plan kitchen.

    They required construction plans for a single storey extension, followed by refurbishment designs for landscaping, Victorian tiles and a traditional interior which included a new kitchen and under-floor heating.

    Special additions:

    • Upgrades to attract high-end tenants and increase rental value
    • Kitchen with an open-plan layout including a kitchen island
    • Minimising project cost
    • Victorian tiling

    The Solution:

    The client’s main objective was to create a refurbishment which would attract more up-market tenants, increase rental income and increase property value. However, as they wanted to eventually live in the property at a later date, they also wanted the design formed around their own tastes.

    A key request of the client was a premium open-plan kitchen, which we designed with a spacious ‘three point’ layout, modern interior and kitchen island to optimise the use of the available space. Cost was carefully scrutinised to ensure the highest quality whilst giving the client the best return on investment.

    Alongside this, we suggested a number of other upgrades to the property which fulfilled their own personal preferences whilst being attractive to the widest possible audience to increase the chances of attracting the most lucrative tenants. This even included loft designs which were developed to dramatically increase property value, although as finances were limited, they intended to construct these later in the future.

    During our feasibility studies, we noted that none of the walls or ceilings were level, which is common in older Victorian homes. In order to construct the kitchen and other designs without unsightly gaps, it was important that these issues were corrected, so we developed construction plans to make the walls and ceilings level. By remedying this problem sooner rather than later, it avoided unexpected costs and delays later down the line.

    Finally, construction drawings were developed to insert steel beams into the existing property which would create a seamless finish for the extension. By using needles and props, it allowed us to do this in the most cost effective way.

    The result:

    The plans were constructed into a stunning extension with a premium open-plan kitchen and modern interior environment. This made it attractive to high-end tenants whilst creating a home perfectly suited to the client’s tastes for when they decide to move in. As a result of our suggestions, property rental value also increased from £1,500 per month to £2,000 per month. This created a 33% increase in income for the client whilst dramatically increasing the property value for a considerable return on investment.

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