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 Kings Court Refurbishment


Key Facts

  • Sector: Residential
  • Type: Extension and Refurbishment
  • Location: Kings Court
  • Scope: Design and Build
  • Construction date: October 2013
  • Contractors: KROOS
  • Structural engineers: KROOS

Customer Feedback:

My biggest worry was having an unresponsive architect. Where calls wouldn’t be returned promptly and where I would have to constantly chase on updates. I needed someone that would guide me and just be there when I needed advice. They delivered that and much more. They were always accessible and on hand to deal with my any requests or questions I had. The level of service they provide is not something I’ve experienced before and I’ve been in the service industry for a long time. As a thank you, my property is always available should anyone need to see the quality they deliver on a finished build as well as the design.

Diego Soares – Oslo Court Rest. – Kings Cross

    The Challenge:

    The client was a young city professional taking his first step into property investment. They asked us to create an extension and full interior refurbishment for a 2nd floor flat. Improvements included two new bedrooms, a bathroom, a custom designed kitchen, custom joinery and a polished stone plinth. Other exterior changes included a new chimney breast.

    At 75 square metres, the flat offered a lucrative investment opportunity, so whilst the client wished to live in the property in the near future, the primary focus of the project was to maximise re-sale value to recoup a h4 financial return at a later date.

    Special additions:

    • A custom fitted kitchen
    • Supply and fit of all joinery, architraves and doors
    • A new stone plinth and chimney breast
    • The focus was to create the largest re-sale value
    • The need to adapt to the client’s unexpected financial issues

    The Solution:

    The project initially focused on more modest features to meet the limitations of the client’s budget. However, the client raised their ambition and instructed us to focus the refurbishment on a higher-spec finish. Some of the new luxury features included oak doors and floors, a custom kitchen and a polished stone plinth which was integrated into the new chimney breast. The flexibility of our design and build approach meant that we could easily include all of the high-spec features which deviated from the original brief.

    Soon into the build, the client’s capital dried up due to the switch to more expensive high-end features. Instead of halting the project, we worked with the client to lower their payments and stretch them over a longer time period. To adapt to this, we created a more fluid schedule which was tailored to the client’s financial situation on a month-by-month basis.

    The Result:

    To work around the client’s financial situation, the original 2 month deadline was extended to 6 months. By using this approach instead of restricting the project, it allowed us to eventually complete the refurbishment and create a beautiful high-end flat with luxury features to meet the client’s aspirations.

    Most importantly of all, the specially-selected improvements increased the value of the property from £175,000 to £250,000 – providing a 43% increase and a substantial return on the initial investment.

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