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 Tower Hamlets Refurbishment


Key Facts

  • Sector: Residential
  • Type: Refurbishment
  • Location: Tower Hamlets
  • Scope: Design and Build
  • Construction date: March 2014
  • Contractors: KROOS
  • Structural engineers: KROOS

Customer Feedback:

With other planning applications we’ve done before, the frustration in dealing with our council is a big sticking point. I was expecting more of the same this time round, but Kroos were tenacious and persistent in fighting for our ideas. They were successful and managed to secure planning in spite of the raft objections we received. Now, they’re simply my go to people on any development we run.

Timothy George – SOL at Withers Worldwide – Tower Hamlets

    The Challenge:

    The Clients are lawyers who required a high-end result with minimal stress due to their heavy workload jobs. They required a refurbishment of their penthouse duplex. This included designs for new patio decking and architecture for an extensive top floor structural configuration.

    The main focus for this refurbishment was to create a more open plan design, as the grade II listed building was originally an enclosed space consisting of four rooms. A key aspect of this involved a clear view of St Matthews Square from any location within the penthouse.

    Special additions:

    • Architecture of a beam structure to support the room curvature
    • Custom-designed home cinema HD projection screen
    • Custom-designed 3D hollow modern bookcase
    • The design of an open plan sematic kitchen

    The Solution:

    As the clients could only spend minimal time on site, we utilized our online management portal which they could access remotely to communicate and share ideas when they weren’t available in person. This gave them the ability to choose design options, including fixtures and fittings, with effortless ease and control.

    When it came to the design process, we utilised 3D modeling and architectural planning to create a contemporary and highly impressive looking curved support structure. This allowed us to remove any support columns or walls to create the perfect solution for the open plan environment they desired.

    After understanding the client’s tastes and preferences, we created a stunning interior environment with black oak flooring and crisp white walls for a modern look. Exterior decking created an enjoyable space which produced a framed view of the garden, whilst bi-fold doors provided an open-plan connection between the garden and internal areas. To further the bright and spacious open-plan feel, we also created construction plans to reduce the wall height below the stairs and allow more natural light to flow in.

    The Result:

    Whilst the curved structure provides building support for the new open plan layout, it’s also a breathtaking architectural centre-piece which provides a focal point of design for the interior of the penthouse. When this new open plan environment is combined with modern decoration, bright tones and more natural light, it creates an airy and breathable living space which is a pleasure to relax inside – a key element of the client’s brief.

    The use of bi-fold doors and a contemporary external decking also allows the clients to enjoy beautiful views across London and St Matthews square from inside and outside the penthouse.

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