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Twickenham Extension


Key Facts

  • Sector: Residential
  • Type: Extension and Refurbishment
  • Location: Twickenham
  • Scope: Design and Build
  • Construction date: July 2013
  • Contractors: KROOS
  • Structural engineers: KROOS
  • "We had a great experience working with the Kroos team. You always hope for a company to under promise and over deliver and that was the case here with a well-organised project delivered well ahead of schedule. All stakeholders most importantly the major investors were very happy indeed. "

    Richard Wilson, Real estate director at Redevco UK

The Challenge:

The clients are young couple expecting their first child. They appreciated the Victorian interior of their home, but wanted a more spacious and modern environment for their growing family, so they requested that we combine a modern and open plan layout with many of the Victorian features which initially drew them to the property. They wanted us to design a full interior refurbishment of their traditional Victorian property to provide a unique fusion of modern aesthetics with many of the property’s old Victorian features. As the client is a budding family, they also wanted an additional storey to create 2 extra bedrooms and 2 new toilets.

Special additions:

  • L-shaped loft conversion
  • Large house extension to increase floors from 2 to 3 with a new staircase
  • Open plan kitchen and family living space
  • New en-suite bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Full property landscaping and an extensive house refurbishment including carpets

The Solution:

As the client wanted a careful combination of modern design whilst retaining old Victorian features, we worked with them carefully to brainstorm ideas and develop their vision to strike a perfect balance. Concept designs and 3D models were key to helping the client visualise potential refurbishment ideas for their property whilst allowing us to get a feel for their preferred fixture, fitting and carpet styles.

Kroos architects also developed construction plans and drawings to create the comprehensive house extension and provide the new rooms they required whilst best making use of the available space. Alongside a loft conversion design to add extra bedrooms and bathrooms, we also created construction plans to knock through an existing wall and install a premium kitchen which flowed through to the living room for an inviting open-plan space for the family to enjoy.

There were also a number of client restrictions which we had to adapt to, namely that the clients could only move out for a small amount of time, that the property had to be in a liveable state within 4 weeks for their new baby, that our schedule had to comply with the schedule of their build contractors, and that we had to select their fixtures and fittings on their behalf based on their tastes due to the client’s time restrictions.

The Result:

We successfully overcame the client’s restrictions to create a beautiful family home which perfectly intertwined modern design with their favourite Victorian features. This was combined with an open-plan communal layout for a bright, airy and spacious environment for the family to relax in. New bedrooms and bathrooms increased space, the premium kitchen improved functionality and extensive external landscaping created a beautiful garden which was ready for their first born to enjoy.

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