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 Woodford Green Extension


Key Facts

  • Sector: Residential
  • Type: Extension and Refurbishment
  • Location: Woodford Green
  • Scope: Design and Build
  • Construction date: July 2013
  • Contractors: KROOS
  • Structural engineers: KROOS

Customer Feedback:

Just the perfect working partner to have. Through all the challenges we faced on this project, we’re glad we had them on our team. They are in it with you until the end and somehow seemed to have more enthusiasm for the project than we did. The end result is superb but most importantly they finished on the planned date which was important for us. They are great professionals, nice people, and a pleasure to work with.

Debashish Das – GP – Woodford Green

    The Challenge:

    The clients are two doctors and a young daughter who just moved into their new family home. They wanted a more open plan feel, a state-of-the-art interior and more space to enjoy time together.

    They requested architectural plans for a double-storey rear and side extension to increase the home from 3 to 5 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and a taller 4.5metre high ceiling for a more spacious environment. This also included interior design for a full refurbishment of the property and exterior landscaping with a new roof and porch.

    Special Additions:

    • Custom media wall
    • LED glass banister
    • Design of an open-plan Proline kitchen
    • Designs and selection of 3 Porcelanosa toilets

    The Solution:

    This client wanted the pinnacle of custom design, so we utilised concept designs, 3D models and 3D walkthroughs to develop their vision and help them find the perfect solution for their tastes.

    Kroos architects developed construction plans for the double storey extensions and included an increased surface area to allow more room for a large en-suite bedroom. We also designed a new open-plan Proline kitchen and helped them select Porcelanosa toilets for their new wet rooms. The full renovation included modern and fresh interior design with an open plan theme to make the area feel more spacious and inviting. Unique high-end extras were also designed and modelled to provide a designer touch, including an LED lit glass banister and custom media wall.

    Kroos Architecture also handled the planning permission process for the client, but neighbours raised three objections to certain parts of the project – thereby requiring a council committee to intervene. This process commonly causes lengthy delays, so in an attempt to avoid them, we assessed the disputes to see if there was an alternative solution. We found that the neighbours’ objections were based on a misjudgement of the project, so we mediated with them to alleviate their concerns and successfully persuade them to cancel their dispute so the construction phase could begin whilst neighbour relations were kept in-tact.

    The result:

    This stunning interior design gave the entire property a more modern, bright and airy environment, with custom features designed as impressive centre-pieces for the home. The extensions increased space for a growing family, whilst a premium kitchen and open-plan layout provided the high-end functionality and luxury living space they required.

    Another key benefit was return on investment. The client purchased the property for £300,000, and once the designs were implemented, it was re-valued at £520,000 – giving them a significant return.

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