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Ealing Architectural Services and Property Development

Ealing is one of our favourite places to work for several reasons.  Again don‘t be deceived by the above chart which seems to show Ealing house price growth is lower than the London average. Focus on price growth in Ealing from 2013 to 2015 and notice the steep upturn.

There is good reason for this. Ealing lies in a western area of London the cannot be classified as either outer or inner London. It‘s close to the centre of London without being right in the thick of things but not so far out of the centre the cab ride home on a Saturday night is out of the question. Typically property developers will either surrounding suburbs to try and predict where the next property boom is going to be and anyone watching the boom of prices in Hammersmith and Fulham must surely have been looking at Ealing as a nearby suburb likely to experience similar growth as buyers priced out of the inner west cast their eyes a bit further out.

The average property price here whilst growing strongly remains affordable and below the London average.  Even during the global financial crisis where almost all of London saw a downturn Ealing home prices remain steady.

For all these reasons where tipping Ealing to be one of the best locations for property development over the next few years. We have done numerous projects in the Ealing area – you can view one of our Ealing Architecture and construction case studies here

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