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The future of London Architecture post Brexit

 The future of London Architecture post Brexit

Throughout history the development of new building design and technology as come on the heels of visitors to a country.  Initially this came in the form of invaders.  Countries such as Israel and parts of Southern Italy are great examples of this. Israel has buildings which show up to 10 different architectural styles from the highest point to the lowest foundation, as new conquerors with new ideologies both religious and architectural placed their stamp upon the site.

The Island of Siciliy is ringed by stone guard towers on its beach sides build by invading Muslims.  On the outskirts of the town of Agrigento lies the Valle dei Templi and 2600 year old Greek temple.

Whilst new architecture brought by an invading forces is not entirely the best way for the local population to expand their architectural horizons and options – certainly an insertion of overseas creative people is.  With its inclusion in the EU, The UK never had it so good with regard to its ability to access architects from other countries to bring their new ideas and to allow us to develop and refresh our own.

And it’s certainly been a two way street, with British Architects able to travel and work throughout a borderless Europe, gaining experience, knowledge and ideas which they have brought back to greater benefit of Britain.

Now with the UK “brexiting” the EU it’s going to be a challenge to ensure that architecture in Britian remains as strong and vital as it has been in recent years.  The initial challenge we all face is a likely reduction in new buildings till there is clarity in direction for the UK.  Are we brexiting or not?  If we are.. what does that even mean?  What will the impact be on EU architects wishing to apply for positions in the UK?

One thing for sure – the architectural world of London will not stop spinning.  London is far too strong a city to be slowed down for long by this blip.  Once the pollies get their acts together there is sure to be a plan put in place that will allow for the easy entry of foreign designers and architects to Britain.

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