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Redbridge Architectural Services and Property Development

Redbridge Architectural Services and Property Development

In London’s north-east lies Redbridge one of the more affordable areas of London.  Redbridge property prices were dramatically affected by the global financial crisis as the resulting economic downturn bit deeply.

Property prices in Redbridge which prior to 2007 were roughly keeping pace with London property prices dropped well below the average and until recent days Redbridge property prices did not seem to be recovering in line with the rest of London.

But for a property developer.. that need not be bad news.  Best to get in and buy BEFORE prices rebound. The area suffered such a huge drop in prices in 2009 (almost 10%) that objectively prices here must still be considered as undervalued.  Only time will tell if Redbridge will become another of London‘s property development hotspots but we will be watching it closely.

For a case study of one of our architectural and construction projects in Redbridge see

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