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Richmond Upon Thames Architectural Services and Property Development

Richmond Upon Thames Architectural Services and Property Development

Richmond upon Thames in London‘s south-west is one of the more expensive outer areas of London.  Prices here average 15 to 20% higher than home prices in the rest of London and prices here remain strong in all markets.  The average price difference between homes here and the rest of London has steadily increased over the last two decades and shows no signs of slowing down soon.

The strength of the market in Richmond upon Thames appears to be greatly impacted by the financial positions of the average property owner here.  In lean times property sales volumes certainly decrease that prices do not, at least not nearly as much as they do in other parts of London when these areas experience lower demand.

This is most likely because the average homeowner in Richmond upon Thames is in a position to wait longer to get their desired sale price than others are able to in other parts of London where the investors had got higher borrowings that need to be serviced by high tenancies, ever-increasing rents and perpetual property price growth.

As a result of the relative house price increases in Richmond upon the aims and its strength in all markets we consider this Richmond upon Thames an excellent place for private home improvements and extensions.

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