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2D design service

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  • Drawings for permitted development
  • Drawings for planning permission


Required for planning permission or permitted development
2D design service


The vast majority of architecture projects require some form of permission from your local authority, whether it’s planning permission or automatic permitted development. This service is essential to the process as it allows us to create your project plans and then arrange all of the required permissions to allow you to proceed with the build stage.

At KROOS Architecture, we can not only produce all of the planning drawings for your project, but also submit them and handle the entire planning permission process on your behalf.

Permitted development

Permitted development is a series of rules introduced by Government which allows you to construct a project without planning permission as long as the project falls within certain guidelines relating to size, shape and other factors. Projects conducted under permitted development are usually assessed by an authorised body, which is why permitted development drawings are required to show them the intended result with everything they need to see.

Planning permission

Planning permission involves obtaining permission from your local authority to construct a project. This is usually required when your project does not fall under permitted development guidelines, and involves sending planning permission drawings to your local authority for assessment and eventual approval. KROOS Architecture has a 97% success rate for first-time applications, and it’s these planning permission drawings which are an essential part of the process.

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