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3D design service

Sub-services available

  • 3D floor plans
  • 3D models
  • 3D virtual walkthroughs


Optional, but useful if you want to better visualise the design
3D design service


Our 3D design services show you exactly how the finished result will look before the first brick is even laid. They’re unparalleled in their ability to let you see and experience every aspect of the design so you can shape certain ideas with much more detail before construction begins.

3D floor plans

3D floor plans bring 2D ideas into our 3D world. They help you to visualise the space to get a feel for the size and flow throughout the building. It’s a true eye-opener which gives you a much better grasp of your materialised ideas and how they could be improved further.

3D models

Key pieces of architecture and aesthetic design can be forrned into 3D models which give you a highly detailed look at how they could be and what could be done to make them even better. 3D models are highly useful for big centre-piece ideas which need to be nothing less than perfect.

3D virtual walkthroughs

3D walkthroughs allow you to step inside a virtual world where the design and architecture ideas are there for you to see. You can actually control the computer to walk around inside the new space with a 360 degree, up and down view of every intricate detail like you’re right there inside the building.

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