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Building regulations and structural specifications

Sub-services available

  • Drawings for building regulations
  • Structural specifications


Possibly required depending on the project

Building regulations and structural specifications


These services may be required depending on your project, but we can inform you if this is the case. Building regulation drawings may be needed to show that your project complies with regulations in areas of access, safety and structural quality. There are also structural specifications which may be required by our engineers to ensure that your construction team has all of the calculations and data required to create the architectural designs we’ve made for you.

Drawings for building regulations

Building regulations are a set of rules which ensure that the finished project meets minimum standards in quality, safety, accessibility and more. This can involve anything from structural strength through to adequate fire escape routes and even the size of steps on a set of stairs. Building regulation drawings give everything building control need to analyse the project and ensure that building regulations are met to avoid fines or extensive re-working.

Structural specifications

When your project involves structural work, it’s important that thorough calculations are made by an experienced engineer to make sure that the finished article is strong, robust and millimetre perfect in accuracy. Structural specifications from KROOS Architecture gives your build team everything they need in this regard to ensure that the project is constructed correctly.

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