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Concept feasibility

Sub-services available

  • Feasibility studies
  • Costing analysis
  • Site investigation
  • Engineer’s preliminary report


Optional but recommended

Architectural Concept feasibility


It’s every person’s worst nightmare: they have their favourite idea for their project, but upon closer inspection, it turns out that it can’t be achieved due to structural or cost limitations. By then, they may have already spent thousands on designs.

This is why concept feasibility is so important. Not only does it make sure that you can have the dream result you want from day one, but it can also help you save thousands of pounds.

Feasibility studies

Imagine the peace of mind when you know with absolute certainty that your project can be carried out exactly how you want it with nothing holding you back. That’s the joy of a feasibility study. We look at your project from every possible angle, and if there are any limiting factors, we’ll help you find a way around them.

Costing analysis

Good architecture isn’t just about good design. It’s about value and making the most out of what is available. Unlike some architecture companies, we don’t just throw client’s money at projects to achieve a result. We analyse every possible way to actually save money and give you the exact same quality without needlessly wasting your hard-earned cash.

Site investigation

You never know what’s lurking beneath. A site investigation carefully examines what you can and can’t see to ensure that there are no costly surprises years or even decades ahead. This can include subsidence and flood reports to make sure you’re aware of any risks.

Engineer’s preliminary report

A senior KROOS engineer will take your brief, gather all of the analytical data and create a preliminary report which assesses the project and provides valuable insight into any feasibility, costing or site investigation information. We can then sit down with you to discuss these results and how they may impact or improve your project.

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