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Interior Architecture

Sub-services available

  • Detailed design and specification
  • Bespoke joinery design
  • Kitchen and bathroom layout designs
  • Mechanical & engineering plan
  • Space planning
  • Fit-out drawings packages



Interior Architecture


This is where we can create stunning interior designs which combine space, shape, colour, texture, fabric, fittings, lighting and acoustics with great care and attention. When it comes to interior architecture, we have three main aims: to capture the core values of your project, to fulfil your main objectives and to create breath-taking spaces which leave you and everyone who sees them seriously impressed.

Detailed design and specification

Our interior designers and architects will hang on your every word to capture your vision and turn it into the pinnacle of aesthetic beauty which excites the senses and creates a truly pleasurable environment to be inside. We will work with you to nurture the design until you’re nothing short of delighted, with concept designs and 3D models to show you how the interior space is evolving. We then create all of the plans and specifications required for construction.

Bespoke joinery design

Why be limited by off-the-shelf creations? Bespoke joinery is limited only by the imagination and allows you to create a unique masterpiece which sets your interior space ahead of the rest.

Kitchen and bathroom layout designs

Many people feel trapped by an existing layout and simply like to drape a new design over the top of it, but with layout designs, you can completely transform your kitchen or bathroom to make better use of every square millimetre and create a more spacious, efficient and visually pleasing place to be.

Mechanical and engineering plan

Any interior space with moving features requires a mechanical and engineering plan to ensure millimetre perfect construction and silky-smooth movements.

Space planning

A lot more can go into space planning than many people realise, but the benefits are truly remarkable. It’s all about meticulous attention to detail in how the space is used. Spatial arrangements, conceptual massing studies and layout reviews help us to create the most valuable, emotive and efficient possible use of a property’s interior layout. We can even study circulation patterns to discover how people move through a space and perform tasks to optimise flow throughout the building. It simply makes the best possible use of every square millimetre.

Fit-out drawings packages

To make the process easier, we can bundle the various drawings and plans you need into a ‘fit-out’ package for your construction company of choice. This is usually required when the interior design concepts are not enough, and you may need construction, layout and engineering drawings to begin the build phase.

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