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Prices and construction

Sub-services available

  • Specification of works
  • Schedule of works
  • Construction as a design-build package
  • Tender package
  • Contract administration and valuations
  • Project management
  • Help finding a builder


Prices and construction


Once you’re happy with the final architectural plans and designs, it’s time to put the final pieces in place for construction to begin. This bridges the gap between architecture and construction, which is why it’s so important that the final specifications accurately represent what we’ve created and allow exceptional quality construction which allows the architecture to live up to its true potential.

Specification of works

The specification of works outlines everything your construction company requires to turn the designs into reality. Every specification is millimetre-perfect with all of the key information required to help the construction capture your vision and your quest for nothing less than perfection.

Schedule of works

With our design-build experience, we can create a schedule of works which allows the most efficient and cost-effective construction process.

Construction as a design-build package

Alongside providing design and architecture, we can also build your project with our sister company. This is called design and build, and offers a number of time, cost and organisation improvements over hiring a separate architect and builder.

Tender package

If you don’t have a construction company for your project yet, we can create a tender package which gives constructors everything they need to bid for your project and submit a proposal to help you choose the right company for the job.

Contract administration and valuation

Contracts are a complicated and time-consuming, but it’s imperative that they’re watertight to ensure that your project is safeguarded and that your construction company fulfils their duties. We can handle contract administration by accurately evaluating your project and then ensuring that a contract is created which lives up to the quality of the project itself.

Project management

KROOS Architecture has some of the UK’s finest project managers who have overseen everything from bespoke bathrooms to multi-million pound commercial buildings. Having worked with you throughout the architecture process, you can rely on us to bring that influence into the construction stage to help make sure that it matches the quality you expect and that the entire process is kept on schedule and on-budget. We also work closely with you throughout this stage to keep you informed and in control at all times.

Help finding a builder

If you’re unsure where to go once you have all of the designs and plans ready for construction, then we can help with this too. We’ll sit down with you to help you find and choose a builder which matches your core values and has the credentials to turn the designs into reality.

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