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Survey and design brief

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  • Measured site survey
  • Compiling the brief


A requirement of the KROOS Architecture service

Architectural Survey and design brief


After your initial consultation, it’s time to start forming those ideas together.

Unlike many architecture companies, we don’t want to impose our own styles or personal views on your project. We capture your vision and use our expertise to form it into reality with beautiful aesthetics and cost-effective planning.

It isn’t about using your project as a KROOS showpiece, it’s about showing the world how good your own ideas can really be when they’re nurtured and developed into the finished result. It’s your project, it benefits you and it’s made solely for you.

Measured site survey

Whilst many architecture companies ask you to send in photos, we would prefer to take a proper look for ourselves. We’ll visit your property and survey the entire site to really understand every square inch of space and how it could be used to give you the result you’re looking for. Your project deserves nothing less.

Compiling the brief

The brief is the seed from which your project will grow. It solidifies your thoughts, ideas and emotions into a plan of action which we will take forward together. This is why it’s so important, and it’s why we spend so much time on it to ensure that it grows into a finished result which leaves you delighted, intrigued and excited.

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