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KROOS architecture offer an all-in-one service which combines architecture, design, planning consent, specifications and administration to give you absolutely everything you need to start the build stage of your project and turn it into reality.

We can handle everything, from sitting down with you to capture your vision, through to creating concept designs, architectural drawings and the final plans
which your construction company of choice will use. If you don’t need a full turn-key service, you can even pick-and-choose only the services you need. If you’re
unsure, our free initial consultation can simplify the process and help you decide.

How does the KROOS Architecture process work?

Services offered by Kroos Architects

Each main service has individual sub-services, so if you choose a main service, you don’t necessarily have to choose all of the sub-services within it. For example, if you choose our optional 3D design service, you can benefit from sub-services such as 3D floor plans, 3D models and 3D virtual walkthroughs, or you can simply choose one of them, such as our 3D floor plans. Some services are also essential to the KROOS Architecture process, whilst others are a requirement as part of legislation. For example, if your project requires planning permission, then you will require our 2D floor plan and planning permission sub-services. The rest of the services are optional, but still provide a number of benefits to ultimately improve the outcome of the final result.

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