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Southwark Architectural Services and Property Development

Southwark Architectural Services and Property Development

House prices in Southwark, this southern but central area of London have typically almost mirrored the average house prices of London. In 2000 the average London house prices Southwark were in fact equal and were again in 2014.

Southwark fared very well during the global financial crisis with prices seeing only the smallest blip and soon recovering with growth far higher than the rest of London on a comparatively high by M of sales.  It‘s clear since 2000 Southwark has become a place of high demand for people seeking out a relatively central place to live that is not yet at the high end of the price bracket.

We consider Southwark one of the best areas of London to undertake a new architectural or property development project due to the high demand and the strength of prices in all markets.

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