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Should you use an Award Winning Architect?

Choosing the right architect for your project is no small task, but not impossible now we have well and truly entered the age of the online selection process for… just about anything.  These days when researching an Architect you can:-

  1. Compare examples of different architects online.
  2. Read reviews from clients.
  3. Even visit the works of some, if the work completed involved a public building.
  4. Speak to existing and former clients.

Choosing the right architect can mean the difference between a profitable renovation, or living in a home where you are satisfied with the outcome, rather than it being a reminder of how you agreed to a project that went pear shaped.

Here some other factors to consider, that many don’t.

  1. Should you use an award winning architect
    The Pros.
    The Kudos
    The bragging rights of being able to say “Blab bla famous architect designed this house”  Nothing wrong with wanting that at all and if you want those bragging rights then an award winning architect is for you!

    ii.  Potential for an increased sale price.
    Definitely this is a possibility.   Being able to claim a house was built by so and so award winning architect may win you a higher sale price.  More likely, sale price will be tied to the result they achieved…. And not every award winning architect builds award winning homes every time.  Why not?

    Winning awards is often tied to budget.  The houses that win awards are often beatufifully designed and constructed… but that doesn’t mean the process followed the most profitable route for a developer. So…. If you are looking develop a property to maximise your investment, the end result may be better achieved by not taking an award winning direction

    The Cons

    i. It costs money to chase awards.
    Chasing awards means investing in projects to win awards that are not necessarily as profitable as your “architecture just for the client” projects.  But it’s those other projects that have to bear the increased costs of the award chasing… so award winning architects with their higher overall costs will not only charge more because of their awards, they must charge more to cover their higher costs.

    ii.  Maybe the award winning is more important than you?
    Award winning architects generally know what it takes to win awards… but winning and chasing awards does not necessarily mean fulfilling the exact brief of the client.  You might end up with a more expensive award winning property, that is not what you actually envisaged or wanted!

  2. Should you check out other similar Projects?
    Yes indeed! It’s important to see the flow of a project from concept through to finished product, to see and learn where you architect took one direction of another in order to maximise design benefits, minimise costs, and to ensure projects came in on time.

An architect that has taken on similar projects will be familiar with the local council planning process and building approvals, the likely challenges of the project, lead in times for materials, availability of crew etc

  1. Is my architect aligned with a Construction Company
    This is most important if you are hiring your architect not just to provide some designs…. But instead to oversee the process right through from the planning process, design… right through to finished construction and handing over of the keys. If your architect is aligned with a construction company the construction company is going to be well versed in the quality control, required building techniques, work flow process to ensure a project is finished in the shortest possible time whilst maintaining high quality standards.

    Kroos Architects have close ties with Bischell Constructions and where a construction team is needed we always use them.  No need to gather a team of subcontractors together for a one off project, we have a team ready to go already.

  2. What about seeing a private home project?
    If your architect has designed public buildings, or done shop fitouts etc – these are easy to inspect as anyone can visit the premises and see for themselves the work done. It’s not so easy with private dwellings. . you can refer to photos…. But far better if you can visit the private home projects completed by your architect as well.

    Here at Kroos, we have several home owners willing to open their doors (within reason) for a private viewing of our work, and many happy customers able to provide a reference as to our ability to see the potential in a property, offer our ideas, combine them with yours where desired and see a project throughout successful from the first conversation discussing ideas, outcomes and dream through to a final completed structure.

Find an architect that will listen to your needs.  Maybe you want the architect to lead the project totally.  Maybe you want a lot of input.  Perhaps profit at sale time is the most important factor, maybe function and liveability is your main focus.

Find and architect whose skills, demeanour and experience ticks all your boxes, then double check those boxes!

At Kroos, we are experts in architectural box ticking so if you need some help with your new project?  Contact us today!

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