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Waltham Forest Architectural Services and Property Development

Waltham Forest Architectural Services and Property Development

In the North of London lies Waltham Forest – a hotbed of property development where house prices have greatly exceeded the average London growth in house prices. But as to be expected with areas where house prices surge in times of plenty Waltham Forest home prices tend to be vulnerable in times of uncertainty.

As a result we expect to see a slowdown in development and house prices in Waltham Forest in the latter half of 2016 in the first half of 2017 but expect the bargain-hunting and alert investors to be bargain-hunting in mid-2017 with an eye to riding a wave of growth well above London’s average in 2018.

Waltham Forest includes the areas of Bakers Arms, Cann Hall, Chingford, Chingford Hatch, Friday Hill, Hale End, Highams Park, Leyton, Leytonstone, Upper Walthamstow, Walthamstow, Whipps Cross, Cann Hall, Cathall, Chapel End, Chingford Green, Endlebury, Forest, Grove Green, Hale End and Highams Park, Hatch Lane, High Street, Higham Hill, Hoe Street, Larkswood, Lea Bridge, Leyton, Leytonstone, Markhouse, William Morris, Wood Street, and Valley

Waltham Forest Architectural Services and Property Development
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