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Why Us?

Why Use Kroos Architects?

All-in-one turn-key service for

KROOS Architecture gives you everything you need to start the build stage of your project. We take your initial ideas, develop them into concepts and then give you all of the drawings, plans, building consents and specifications your construction company will ever need.

Capturing your vision

Some architecture companies like to impose their own personal ideas on your project, meaning that your initial ideas are stretched and warped until
they’re almost unrecognisable. With KROOS, we make sure that we hang on your every word to capture your vision and combine it with our expertise to create breath-taking architecture. It’s all about turning your ideas into reality.

Why Use Kroos Architects?
Why Use Kroos Architects?

An obsession with the all-important detail

Meticulous attention to detail is where good architecture becomes truly memorable. Every single point within an environment needs to be considered to create millimetre-perfect plans which are firmly stamped with your ideas.

A passion for beauty

We design for health, comfort, flexibility, ease of use, performance and to achieve measurable goals. But architecture is also about beauty. The way spaces, shapes, lights, materials, fixtures, fittings and acoustics converge together into something which excites the senses is extremely important to us. We won’t stop until the final result leaves you seriously impressed and creates an environment which is a true joy to behold.

Why Use Kroos Architects?
The architectural design process

Experts in helping you get the most out of you money

A beautiful result is important, but so is making sure that we squeeze every single drop of value out of the final result. That’s why we pay careful attention to cost efficiency to make sure you get every penny’s worth out of your budget. If there are savings to be made which aren’t at the expense of quality, we will find them.

Making the process easy and keeping you in control

As an all-in-one service, KROOS creates stunning architecture and all of the drawings required to begin construction – so you have nothing else you’ll need to find (we can even help you choose the right builder which has the core values you’re looking for). Sometimes it’s tricky to know where to start, but we aim to make the process simple and take you step-by-step as we create concepts, choose aspects and develop the final result together.

A key aspect of this is keeping you firmly in control without burdening you with too much information. You can leave all of the finer details to us whilst your finger stays on the pulse of every decision with expert guidance from start to finish.

Why Use Kroos Architects?
Why Use Kroos Architects?

Sustainable design

Sustainable design isn’t just about protecting the environment. It can also give you a strong return on investment by improving the efficiency of the building and thereby making it cheaper to run. We can make sure that sustainability is rooted into your project to protect the planet and you bank account.

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